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Whole Roast Suckling Pig Recipe - NYT Cooking - OK, I don't think I'll ever make this but when I saw the recipe, I couldn't resist. Essen, Roast Pig Whole, Roasted Pig Whole, Suckling Pig Recipe, Luau Recipes, Midsommar Party, Pig Recipes, Roasted Pig, Chamorro Recipes

A whole roast suckling pig is quite special. No other feast food of the holiday season cooks so easily, and presents so majestically. With its mahogany, crisp skin and its sticky-tender meat, people thrill to be at the party where this is on the buffet. Measure your oven, and be firm with your butcher about the pig’s size, so you can be sure it will fit — most home ovens can easily accommodate a 20-pounder. Then, just give the pig the time it needs in a low and slow oven for its meat to…

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