Pickled ramps

Discover mouthwatering pickled ramps recipes that will tantalize your taste buds. Learn how to preserve and enjoy the unique flavors of ramps with these easy-to-follow recipes.
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(Step by step photos on how to pickle wild leek bulbs or ramp bulbs) [imagebrowser id=20] It’s the end of wild leek or ramp season, and what’s left in some markets are just the bulbs, which last much longer than the entire thing. For these strays, it’s best to pickle and preserve so that you’ll …

Frank Stevens
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i've been reading about ramps for years and the first time i had them they were rolled into homemade butter from the local epicurean in downtown grand rapids. they are so crisp and garlicky they make everything just pop. last year on our way home from northern michigan we stopped and grab some from the woods but i forgot them in the back of the truck and they were wilted and withered by the next day when i remembered them. this year thought i went legit foraging for them when i was up at the…

Julie Jambois
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Sweet, sour, tangy pickled onions or ramps are a great relish on the side, or topping on BBQ and grilled foods. Ramps are much smaller than leeks, more like scallions, and are most tender and tasty in spring. Like scallions, served raw, they add a pungent bite to many dishes but they truly shine when pickled.