Photos with mirror outside

Elevate your outdoor photography skills with these creative ideas for capturing stunning photos using mirrors. Explore unique ways to incorporate mirrors into your outdoor shots and create captivating images.
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Photographer Guillaume Amat Places Mirrors Into Industrial and Natural Landscapes to Look Both Beyond and Behind — Colossal

For Guillaume Amat's “Open Fields” project he placed a mirrored stand in various landscapes, reflecting the opposing environment back within the image to create a double interpretation of the surrounding scene. These reflections contain dark figures against bright fields, homes in barren landscapes, bits of foliage contained within stretches of industry, and even a horse that pops into the frame. Each image is taken with a 4×5 inch camera, the included mirror measuring 31.5 x 47.2 inches…

Maiya Buck Photo
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Embracing Maternity Photography: A Journey To Celebrate Motherhood

Are you considering a pregnancy photography shoot in London? Imagine this: you're carrying new life within you, feeling the gentle kicks and fluttering movements. Your body is changing, and emotions are running high. It's a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation.

Tre Blackman