Phil Coulson

Explore the remarkable journey of Phil Coulson, from his early days as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent to his pivotal role in the Avengers. Discover the untold stories and secrets behind this beloved Marvel character.
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Real Dad...// Irondad - 20➳ Surprise Brother!

Peter is Tony's biological son. Tony in his playboy years haves a one night stand with a random girl at a New Year party...Peter's mother is not a good person, and gives birth to Peter just so she can take money from Tony. Somehow Peter and Tony get separated when Peter is only 1 years old. 14 years later Tony comes at Peter's house to recruit him as a training avenger without knowing he is his lost (as he knows dead) son. Peter lives with his lovely single aunt and has two best friends. Ned…

Rita Lovero

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