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Discover proven pet training techniques to transform your furry friend into a well-behaved companion. Train your pet to follow commands, overcome behavior issues, and build a strong bond with them.
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LEAVES YOUR PET SMELLING FANTASTIC: Snuggles and cuddles from your furry friend never smelled so good! A quick spritz of our pet cologne gets rid of offensive odor without being overpowering. Don’t have time for a bath? Our pet fragrance spray instantly controls stinky, smelly pet odors caused by being wet and outside in the yard or playing with other pets. Use every few days as a part of a complete grooming routine to maintain a pleasing pet smell in between baths. FRESH SCENTS: Our…

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As the recently departed Yogi Berra famously said, “You can observe a lot just by watching.” Our dogs probably understand that as well as anyone can, because dogs are able to learn a new behavior by seeing a person demonstrate it. Imagine being able to teach your dog a new behavior by simply showing him the behavior and having him copy you! That fits in with many dog trainers’ goals of finding additional, better or easier ways to train our dogs.

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