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Explore a comprehensive list of personal values that can help you define what truly matters to you. Start living a more meaningful and fulfilling life by aligning your actions with your core values.
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🌟 Uncover Your Authentic Self with Our Core Values Workbook! 🌟 Do you want some focus in your life? Are you looking for some clarity in your life, your goals and your life? Do you need some inspiration and motivation? I have created a workbook exactly for your needs! 😉 This Workbook is created to help you discover your core values & beliefs, through a bunch of exercises. With guidance and explanation, it takes you through a journey to discover your values, your beliefs and influences in…

Jessica Lankenau
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This post may include affiliate links.When we think about creating change in our lives, a lot of us first think of goals. But I’ve found in my own journey that it wasn’t when I asked myself “what goals do I want” that my life changed, instead it was when I asked myself “who do I […]

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