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Discover effective techniques to enhance your penmanship and improve your handwriting. Learn how to write beautifully and make your words come to life on paper.
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Raise your hand, Pandas who still have a notebook! (A handful of hands slowly come up.) Now, raise your hand if you write in that notebook! While we listen to the humming silence, I have to admit that in the past week, I scribbled out a single post-it note with my groceries list. The fact is obvious: typing has pretty much replaced the good, old and beautiful art of handwriting. (I am not looking at you, doctors!)

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Simple Print handwriting . . . Pen used : Reynolds Jiffy gel pen . . . #penmanship #howtowrite #handwritten #learncalligraphy #calligraphie #calligrafia...

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There is a fabulous textbook, The Business Guide; or, Safe Methods of Business, published in 1886, in the one room schoolhouse which I have perused through from time to time. In the beginning part of the book, the topic of penmanship is discussed. For someone entering the fields of business during the 19th century, or education for that matter, neat, legible handwriting was of the utmost importance. If you had terrible penmanship, you might not be hired for a job, unlike this century. The…

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I wrote the short journal entry above by combining memories of being a newlywed with my imagination. It was fun to write! I combined several graphics for the pink rose digital collage. Here are my sources: *The Graphics Fairy* ornate frame French sheet music Victorian ornament *The Vintage Moth* hand-penned letter *Vintage Images* soft pink rose Background for the journal entry: *Shadowhouse Creations* softly aged sepia texture Thank you! Hope you find yourself an unsuspecting victim of…

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Finally, I bought the Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Special Edition Coral Fountain Pen, for those that is new to pens, there are a varieties

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