Pattern stamping

Explore unique pattern stamping techniques to add a creative touch to your DIY projects. Discover how to create stunning patterns with different materials and colors.
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This is the last of my series of carved stamps based on Japanese patterns, and I think it's my favourite. Like yesterday's ginkgo stamp, I could imagine this printed at a larger scale on a whole wall, and like the wave stamp I think it would look great printed with a rainbow ink pad. Here's a roundup of all this week's other pattern stamps Basketweave Positive/negative Wave Ginkgo And you may also find my post on designing your stamped own origami paper interesting!

Cara Marassa
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About this item SALE FOR - 1 Printing Stamp ; MATERIAL - Wood SIZE - 4" x 2" Inches (Approx) SKU - PB3252A; WEIGHT - 102 Grams (Approx) Details about the product can be seen in description below. For more Printing Stamps and Fabric Accessories click on "Knitwit" under the title.