Past continuous

Learn how to effectively use the past continuous tense in English with these creative ideas. Enhance your language skills and make your conversations more engaging and dynamic.
Past Continuous Tense in English Past Continuous Tense indicates an action which started in the past and continued in a certain time period. The English Verbs, English Grammar Tenses, English Learning Spoken, Tenses English, English Sentences, Tenses Grammar, English Vocabulary Words, English Idioms, Learn English Grammar

Past Continuous Tense in English Past Continuous Tense indicates an action which started in the past and continued in a certain time period. The point to be taken into consideration is that the action started in the past and the continuity of the action was also in the past, so it does not continue at this moment. The verb ‘to be ( am, is, are )’ has two forms in the past; was and were. Present Past am, is was are were We use “was” for I, he she, it. We use “were” for you,we,you,they…