Park design

Transform your outdoor space with beautiful park design ideas. Create a serene and relaxing atmosphere for your backyard or garden with these top park design ideas.
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Šmartinski Park, Playground by LUZ

LUZ: Today’s Šmartinski Park used to be a vast area of informal and individuals allotment gardens. In the municipal spatial planning documents the area was defined as green space and an infrastructural corridor, but in reality it was covered with garden beds and sheds, cut by a traffic road and crossed by a few main […]

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30 Awesome Examples Of Landscaping Done Right

Have you ever looked for inspiration to elevate your outdoor spaces or simply just looked up images of outdoor places to appreciate the integration of nature into everyday life? Well, look no further because a good collection of these images can actually be found on the Facebook page Art & Landscape Design, which is an account that regularly shares diverse and captivating content related to the art of landscape design.

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International Design Competitions | Careers Coaching | Larsen Architecture

Larsen Architecture is a forward-thinking company focused on invoking change in architecture by providing a platform for the young architects and designers of tomorrow. We organise international design and architectural competitions and provide student portfolio services.

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