Parenting mistakes

Learn how to be a better parent by avoiding these common mistakes. Help your kids thrive and grow into happy and healthy individuals with these expert tips.
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When I became a parent, I didn’t really, truly understand what the job and its responsibilities entailed. I knew of course that my primary jobs was taking care of my child's basic needs: food, shelter, safety. I also knew it was my duty — and desire — to show up for and unconditionally love

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Parenting is something that never comes with manual. And like children learn something each day from their day one, a parent too experiences so many things in their parenting journey. And parents too make mistakes while parenting their kids. Sometimes they are not aware of their mistakes and consequences. But kids have to suffer for

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Anna Bykova is a lazy mom. And she isn’t ashamed to admit that. Moreover, the psychologist and the author of several best-selling books is even proud of this “title” as she believes that it gives her children an opportunity to become more independent. However, by laziness, Anna doesn’t mean lying on the sofa all day long, but a desire to not do everything herself. For example, sometimes it’s better to be “lazy” and let a 7-year-old do the dishes to improve their fine motor skills. And it’s…