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Parenting a child is a difficult and at times a stressful task. As parents we normally don’t receive any training either, other than how our own parents raised us. We do what we can and hope along the way our guidance will enable our child to grown into independent adults. We start with the best… Read More How Do You To Stop Enabling Adult Children?

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Today I am so excited to welcome Shelly Janac as a guest contributor to My Side of 50! You will recognize Shelly from most of the fashion round-ups I do. I love her fashion sense and she has given this "matchy-matchy" girl the courage to try some pattern mixing in her style - something Shelly

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We were blessed with lots of family this Thanksgiving weekend. We have babies! I’ll keep this quick since I have family in this weekend… As your kids grow and go, your ability to influence changes. Let’s explore what NOT to say to your adult kids. Unless asked, don’t offer advice. Never criticize or jab your […]

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For adults who experience emotional neglect as a child, this can often affect how they feel and react to situations when they grow up. Childhood emotional neglect means that parents do not pay attention to or encourage their children to express themselves. And when you grow up, you feel unnoticed and unheard.

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This post first appeared on My Side of 50. I've been a mom for almost 28 years and one thing I know for certain is all stages of motherhood come with their own set of opportunities and blessings. Just when you think the diapers and sleepless nights will never end you are on to play

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