Painting leather

Explore creative tips and techniques for painting leather to transform your accessories and furniture. Discover how to add a personal touch to your leather items with a fresh coat of paint.
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Painting on faux leather furniture is a great way to give old dated pieces a whole new look fast and for very little money! It may sound scary but you CAN paint on faux leather or real leather and get a great, lasting finish. I tested it myself on a faux leather bench - a piece that gets sat on a lot - to see how well it would hold up. I used Cottage Paint’s Serenity paint line and I love the results! Below are the 3 easy steps to take to paint on faux leather! This post may contain

How to Paint on Leather in 3 Simple Steps — Belinda | Lettering Artist and Illustrator | Chicago Art, Chicago, Design, Leather Craft, Leather Paint, Painting Leather, Paint Markers, Diy Leather Paint, Leather Art

Three simple steps for artists to paint on leather for customizing products for brand activation events. Download the free painting materials checklist. Part two of the lettering on leather for on-site events tutorial series collaboration by Belinda Kou and Roselly Monegro.