Painting hardwood floors

Transform your hardwood floors with these creative painting ideas. Add a unique touch to your home decor and bring new life to your floors with these top ideas.
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I’ve rewritten this blog post over and over again in my head. In short, this is a very mixed review on our painted wood floors. It’s been a year since we’ve painted them and I’ve collected all of your questions from over on Instagram into an FAQ section below. Here’s the blog post on How We Painted

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It’s Week Three of the 555 Room Challenge and I’m back with the easiest flooring update you’ll ever see! Today I’m showing you how we rejuvenated the hardwoods in our daughter’s room in just two days and for free, using leftover project paint we found in our basement! It was a quick DIY project that’s made a huge impact in her bedroom. Let’s take a look …

I first have to apologize if you guys are over seeing the process of our painted floors here on the blog this week, but it’s real life and what we are doing right now & you guys know that I love to be in the moment & authentic with you guys… & this is what … Home, Interior, Hardwood Floors, Entryway Flooring, Wood Floors, Wood Floor, Painted Hardwood Floors, Fixer Upper, Floorboards

Ok, we just spent the entire weekend painting the floors. We thought this would be a quicker process, but we forgot about the part where we are literally playing tetris with all of our furniture as we paint. That means we are shoving all of the dining room furniture into the kitchen when we paint that room & then vice versa as we moved along. It added a lot of time & work to shuffle around all of the furniture as we we went along, but at this point we have the dining room done & we are…

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