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Uncover the fascinating myths and legends of pagan gods from ancient civilizations. Explore the divine tales and learn about the powerful deities worshipped by our ancestors.

Don't delude yourself. The minute you set foot upon the path of witchcraft, a call rings out in the unseen world announcing the fact of your arrival." ~ Paul Huson, Mastering Witchcraft Straight Sagittaruis Sun Aquarius Moon Gemini Rising 25 years old Witch Paganism Witchcraft Tarot Reader Rune Caster Norse Mythology Celtic Mythology Greek Mythology Roman Mythology Vampires Horror Blood Gore Zombies Tattoos Warrior Martial Artist Writer Lover Metalhead UFC Fanatic Prophetic Lucky Dreamer…

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In the depths of ancient Celtic mythology, there resides a powerful and enigmatic deity known as Cernunnos. This blog post takes you on a journey through time and space to uncover the origins, worship, and modern-day reverence of this fascinating figure. Join us as we explore the ancient roots of Cernunnos, the cultures that honored him, the sacred sites dedicated to his worship, and how modern pagans can connect with his essence today.Origins of CernunnosThe origins of Cernunnos are deeply…

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Dec 13, 2021 - What is a Deity A Deity is a god or goddess who is a supernatural being with considerable greater power than an ordinary human. For instance, the Christian God would be considered as diety. Deities have their individual divine plan, and they are not always loving, compassionate, or understanding. Your goals and specific deities' goals may not mush together. Many ancient cultures have worshiped and served various deities. This includes the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, the R

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