Oreo lasagna

Indulge in the irresistible layers of creamy Oreo goodness with these mouthwatering Oreo lasagna recipes. Find the perfect dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth and impress your friends and family.
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With its signature creamy layers studded with crushed Oreo pieces, this Oreo version of Yum Yum dessert is one amazingly delicious creamy comfort food treat. More Oreos make up the crust and topping, too, delivering up big Oreo flavor in every bite. And believe me -- that big Oreo flavor will quickly make Oreo Yum Yum a family favorite, for sure.

Mariah Ramirez
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The trick to making the perfect chocolate lasagna is not making it too sweet, or letting it get soggy. You’re in luck! I’m a chocolate lasagna pro, and I’m sharing my tried and true steps for a no-bake dessert made in just 20 minutes with 5 amazing layers.


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