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Discover a wide range of creative open when letter ideas for various topics. From heartfelt messages to fun surprises, explore ideas to make your open when letters special and meaningful.
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Open when letters for boyfriend / girlfriend / wife / husband, for your best friend, for your child, mom or dad, for ANYONE! PLUS an example letter that you can use as inspiration.

Holli Paynton
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Whether he’s right down the hall or far away, these are the cutest and sweetest DIY Open When letters for your boyfriend, fiance, or husband I have ever seen. Let’s look at some unique topics...

Ideas for open when letters 
What to write on open when envelopes
Open when giftbox ideas
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personalized long distance present boyfriend
Open when briefe
öffne wenn Briefe Ideen 
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love cards
loveletter to my girlfriend
love letters to my boyfriend 
selfmade present for best friend 
anniversary present for him her
open when ... you miss me 
öffne mich wenn... du mich vermisst
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Would you like to give your loved ones something creative from the heart ?! Then these templates to download and print are for you! This personalized gift is perfect for a (best)friend, partner, mother, father, grandma, grandpa, etc. The envelopes can be given away for any occasion ! Whether for an anniversary, a birthday, for a long-distance relationship, for Christmas, for Mother's Day, for Valentine's Day, for the 18th birthday of your friends, when a friend / your child moves away, or…

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