One pound bread machine recipes

Explore a variety of mouthwatering one pound bread machine recipes that are easy to make and perfect for any occasion. Get inspired and start baking your own homemade bread with these irresistible recipes.
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When I want a slice of toast in the morning, or a sandwich for lunch, I want it to be on "real" bread. In my mind: brioche is the best bread known to womankind for this exercise in happiness. I've got a knack for bread baking. Hard as I try, I can't remember experiencing a bad bread baking experience or disaster. Some say it "comes naturally", or, "she was born with it". In my case this is partially true -- my grandmother was a marvelous bread baker. Read on: My grandmother was at her best…

Gloria Johnson
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This bread machine white bread recipe creates an extremely soft, fluffy bread with a chewy texture. It's the fluffiest white bread recipe you'll find! Use it for sandwiches, toast, and dipping into soups and sauces.

Jesse Glenn
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I LOVE my bread machine, so I keep it quite busy! I usually bake one or two loaves each week, depending on what we need. I purchase 25-pound bags of bread flour and bricks of yeast at Sam’s Club to stretch the savings. This has become a tried-and-true standby recipe – and our favorite bread machine bread […]

Linda Taylor