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Embark on a magical journey with Ojamajo Doremi and her friends. Discover the charming characters, captivating stories, and unforgettable adventures of this beloved anime series.
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Aiko Senoo

Aiko Senoo (妹尾あいこ, Senō Aiko) is one of the main characters and the third Ojamajo, officially joining the group with Hazuki Fujiwara after they spy on Doremi Harukaze in the Maho-do. Aiko is from Tengachaya Osaka, who transferred to Misora with her father due to his work. Aiko is known for her distinctive Kansai-dialect and often complains when others imitate it. She has the Osaka comedy routine down and is a very smart bargainer. Note: This is the anime only page; click here to view more…

Kyle Garvin
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Doremi Harukaze

Doremi Harukaze (春風どれみ, Harukaze Doremi) is the main character of Ojamajo Doremi. She is an average, eight-year-old unlucky girl dealing with argumentative parents, a spiteful little sister, a lack of romance and terrible grades. But after a particularly foul day, she learns the owner of Misora's Magical Shop is really a witch. Note: This is the anime only page; click here to view more information about Doremi in the light novel series. Doremi has fair skin and red hair in large twin buns…

machine girl
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Hana (巻機山 花, Makihatayama Hana) is a baby entrusted to Doremi and the other apprentices after they witnessed her birth from the Blue Rose, signifying her as the future Witch Queen. In Dokkan, Hana uses magic to grow older so that she can join the girls and become the final apprentice to join the group. Note: This is the anime only page; click here to view more information about Hana in the light novel series. Hana was raised by the Ojamajo's over the span of a few years, where they taught…

ナミコ マリモ
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Fairies (妖精 Yōsei) are small, magical creatures given to each witch or apprentice after passing the Level 9 Witch Exam. They are born from crystal balls that they use for shelter afterward and must live under the care and guidance of their owner. Most fairies are shown to resemble their respective counterparts. Fairies in their juvenile stage are about hand sized and have fair skin with blushed cheeks and big eyes resembling their partners. Their antennae and hair are pastel and resemble…

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