Nylon stockings

Step up your style with our collection of elegant and timeless nylon stockings. From classic to modern designs, find the perfect pair for every occasion and add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.
20 Interesting Household Uses for Old Pantyhose & Stockings Cleaning, Apartment Therapy, Wardrobes, Nylon Stockings, Household Items, Nylons And Pantyhose, Stockings Lingerie, Household Hacks, Stockings Heels

If you wear stockings or pantyhose, don’t let runs and snags ruin your day. And definitely don’t throw old nylons away. Because, while they might have fallen short in their promise to keep your legs looking smooth, they have a whole other future existence as versatile household helpers. Turns out nylon is pretty handy, so check out these twenty ways to reuse all your worn out hose: Locate small objects on the floor by covering your vacuum nozzle with some hose.

Elizabeth B