Number writing practice

Enhance your number writing skills with engaging practice activities. Discover creative and effective ways to practice writing numbers and boost your mathematical abilities.
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Love these weekly organizing bins from Lakeshore Learning. I use these to store lessons, worksheets, activities, etc. that I will be using for the week. Sometimes when I'm super efficient, I plan a week or two ahead. All I use is a yellow cardstock sheet as a divider with a small sticky note (with the date, for example W-8/26/12) on the top right hand corner of the cardstock. This is worth the investment. You can also do this with other bins as well. What a great way to be ready to teach…

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Writing Numbers 1-20 - 10 Free PDF Printables | Printablee

Memory Enhancement.: Music has a profound impact on memory. When information is presented in a musical format, it becomes easier to remember and recall.

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