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Explore these creative number chat activities to make learning math more engaging and interactive. Discover fun ways to improve number skills and boost mathematical confidence.
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Cardinal Numbers and Ordinal Numbers in English; Cardinal Numbers Ordinal Numbers 0 Zero 1st First 1 One 2nd Second 2 Two 3rd Third 3 Three 4th Fourth 4 Four 5th Fifth 5 Five 6th Sixth 6 Six 7th Seventh 7 Seven 8th Eighth 8 Eight 9th Ninth 9 Nine 10th Tenth 10 Ten 11th Eleventh 11 Eleven 12th Twelfth 12 Twelve 13th Thirteenth 13 Thirteen 14th Fourteenth 14 Fourteen 15th Fifteenth 20 Twenty 16th Sixteenth 30 Thirty 17th Seventeenth 40 Forty 18th Eighteenth 50 Fifty 19th Nineteenth 100 One…

English Grammar
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