Nicholas brody

Uncover the fascinating story of Nicholas Brody, a complex character with a mysterious past. Delve into the twists and turns of his journey and discover the secrets that lie beneath.
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Adrien Brody eyes music career, reads Bukowski and Biggie lyrics at a poetry reading

Adrien Brody wants to become a singer! The actor — who sings in his new Stella Artois commercial — told the New York Daily News that “some day” he’d like to record an album that “would speak to “all of the influences” in his life. Brody, 38, recently insisted he doesn’t worry about growing older…

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Adrien Brody Tries His Hand at Super Bowl Commercials

The youngest-ever winner of a Best Actor Oscar has lent his talents to a beer commercial set to debut this Super Bowl Sunday. Adrien Brody, whose performance as Wladyslaw Szpilman illuminated Roman Polanski’s adaptation of Szpilman’s autobiography “The Pianist,” will play a 1960s nightclub crooner in a spot for Stella Artois beer. Making his debut...