Native american music

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Native American music. Explore traditional melodies and contemporary interpretations, and experience the soul-stirring rhythms of this ancient art form.
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Nature dances to Wuauquikuna’s rendition of ‘The Sound of Silence.’ Luis and Fabian are the two brothers who make up the band, and they use their panflutes for the fantastic performance. The brothers are Native Americans who love to do covers of famous songs. Their goal is to share their incredible culture with the world.

Margaret Jirka
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Wuauquikuna covers ‘The Sound of Silence’ using their panflutes. The brothers Luis and Fabian are two Native Americans who make up the band. They have chosen the beautiful outdoors to play their version of the world-famous song. Surrounding the brothers are tall mountains, rolling hills, thick forests, vast fields, and a pristine blue lake. Nature

Jo Ann Dow
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Some covers of a song are so well done, that you won’t miss much if you never hear the original. Well… Leonard Cohen wrote a song in 1984 about many things shared by humans, including the state of a world that refuses to reconcile. The cracks webbing out from Cohen’s words are reaching us today.

Eric Swords
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The way Inka Gold handles the pan flute sounds like it would make some songbirds jealous. This Native American duo brings a stunning new sound to ‘Unchained Melody.’ ‘Unchained Melody’ by The Righteous Brothers is one of those songs that has been big enough and been around long enough to hold sentimental value for many

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