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‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ gave many bands their big break. ‘The Byrds’ performed on the show delivering their hit song ‘Turn! Turn! Turn!’ The American rock band amazed the Sullivan crowd. The band played in front of a swirled backdrop. Two guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer joined lead singer Roger McGuinn on the tambourine.

Irene Tiedt
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The Ed Sullivan Show always booked the best musical guests. In this video clip, the popular band The Champs made a special appearance to perform their instrumental hit song “Tequila.” Your blood gets pumping right away as the song starts off at a fast pace. The energy on the stage is electric as The Champs

Lorraine Turton
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A lot of folks think country music is an American taste, but I'll tell you what: It's adored the world over, and all of the country classics that we Americans love are also loved by everyone else. That's just country music for you. One of the most memorable and favorite, yet least heard classic country songs

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