Museum lighting

Enhance the beauty of your museum exhibits with the perfect lighting. Discover top lighting designs that will bring your artifacts to life and create an unforgettable experience for your visitors.
the diagram shows how to use different angles and heights for an area with no walls

Design with light. Indoor, outdoor lighting; light control; light technology; simulation and calculation.

Suzana Čolić
an art gallery with paintings on the walls and flooring in it's center Studio, Design, Museums, Interior, Museum Lighting, Exhibition Space, Gallery Lighting, Museum Exhibition Design, Museum Exhibition

L&L was chosen to light the Coeclerici Gallery, a new exhibition hall dedicated to the “Navigating in Art” collection and an exciting addition to Genoa’s Galata Maritime Museum. The fixtures chosen to light this gallery are Zab Track 2.0 projectors in a white finish, installed on tracks on the ceiling. These projectors use soft-start, flicker-free LED light sources to offer a high level of visual comfort.