Mouse fly

Explore a collection of unique mouse fly patterns for fly fishing enthusiasts. Enhance your fly fishing experience with these effective and innovative mouse fly designs.
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I’m fascinated with the idea of hybrid species, and I love imagining an animal that exists completely unbeknownst to us, fluttering around in the dark and unseen by human eyes, but all around us. Perhaps they are gathering up tiny scraps we’ve left behind or just resting for a moment on an old tin, long forgotten in the woods. This is the idea that led me to paint the first “mouserfly”.

Leon Victor Langlois
Hyperrealistic Depictions of a Fictional Mouse-Butterfly Species by Lisa Ericson Lisa Ericson, John Casey, Mouse Paint, Butterfly Species, Colossal Art, Unique Paintings, Animal Friends, Rodents, Surreal Art

Lisa Ericson‘s logo is just as enchanting as her hyperrealistic paintings, a tiny mouse with butterfly wings floating between her first and last name. Ericson works as a multi-hyphenate, utilizing her visual talents as an artist, illustrator, and designer to craft meaningful images for both her client and personal practice. In her newest series Ericson skillfully depicts her invented species of mouse-butterfly while they explore environments filled with detailed mushrooms, forgotten tin…

Deer Hair Mouse Fly Tying Video Instructions Whitlocks Mouserat Fly Fishing, Mouse Fly, Mouse Pattern, Saltwater Flies, Fishing Videos, Fishing Knots, Mouse Rat, Fly Tying, Pet Hair

The Deer Hair Mouse Rat has been the longtime standard for all Mice Patterns. The Mouse Rat was developed by master fly tier Dave Whitlock. Today's Mouserat is a bit different than the original. The original Mouse Rat was tied with shammy/leather for the tail and the ears. I actually prefer to use foam for the tail and ears. Foam floats much better than the shammy/leather, making the fly float and fish much better! The Mouse Rat is most commonly used for predatory Alaskan Rainbow Trout (and…