Mother of pearl buttons

Enhance your fashion projects with the elegance and uniqueness of mother of pearl buttons. Explore top ideas to add a touch of sophistication to your clothing designs.
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Recently I came across an awesome post with some great information about mother of pearl buttons. I have to admit, I never knew where they came from! It was Faye from Wild Rose Vintage who brought it all into perspective for me. She wrote about mother of pearl button making here. I asked if I could share some of her photos, etc. It all started when she and her hubby came across these shells with the holes in them. I probably would have just said "Oh look, there are holes in them thar…

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(from my own collection) There were quite some old-fashioned white mother of pearl shirt buttons in my grandma's button box; they always fascinate me. They have a nice cold solid touch, a beautiful shiny and iridescent appearance and often a very interesting rough backside, they are all different and they are heavier than plastic buttons. I learned that there are actually two types of mother of pearl buttons; those made from freshwater mussel shells and those made from ocean shells, with the…

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