Montessori newborn

Create a nurturing Montessori environment for your newborn with these tips and ideas. Discover how to foster independence, encourage exploration, and promote early learning for your little one.
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My Montessori Baby Registry — Home and on the Way

The Montessori-inspired Baby Registry I wish I had. I spent A LOT of time researching the best items before welcoming Yitzchak and yet I still made A LOT of mistakes. This list is especially good for you if you are interested in practicing Montessori at home as I have some less standard items (see

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Montessori Newborn Play 0-3 Months — Home and on the Way

I love Montessori in the newborn stage because it is a real reminder of what Montessori is actually about. It’s not about the toys, but about following the child and showing them respect. So much of the newborn stage is responding to their needs, getting to know them as a unique person, holding them

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