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MHX - Gore Magala by Dragonith Kawaii, Pokémon, Character Design, Manga, Cute Dragons, Manga Girl, Pokemon, Cute, Animales

Description So much art to draw, so little time. I'm out of town at the moment, so I'll try to keep this brief. Damnit Capcom, stop making me love MHX's monsters (and by that, I mean holy crap keep up the good work!)! After the plague of veteran 'Drome' monsters in MH4U (and poor Great Jaggi left all alone in the midst of it), it's relieving to see a new generation raptor coming up. And it's a feathered one no less! I love how it fights like a kangaroo from what we've seen of it this far…

Corey Layfield
Dragon, Dragon Artwork, Beast Creature, Hunter, Creature Drawings, Dragon Artwork Fantasy, Creature Design, Creature Art, Fantasy

Wing Membrane Blind, the Gore Magala depends on these Atennae to survey it's surrondings. However, beneath their cara- pace lier sunderdeveloped orbits. Could the horm's de- fection signals be tramsmitted to the brain along the same path as the eyes? Known as the Black Eolipse Wyvern, Gore Magala's most curious feature are it's Frenzy inducing hairs, spread from the unleashed to the beart's suiting, darken the surrounding area, blotting out even light from the sun. Darkness fol- lows this…

Ricardo Aledo

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