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Indulge in the traditional Japanese treat of Momiji Manju with these mouthwatering recipes. Learn how to make these sweet, maple leaf-shaped pastries and enjoy a taste of Japan in the comfort of your own home.
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Momiji Manju is a specialty dessert from Miyajima, Japan, filled with red bean paste. Momiji means maple leaf and manju is a type of traditional Japanese confection. You can find more information on manju from This photo was taken at a shop in Miyajima that specializes in this item. There was minimal setup as I typically take food photos with what's given to me. The lighting was natural and the manju was enjoyed with macha (green tea). Any critique on the…

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Fresh oysters, rich-tasting eel, fresh strawberries, and delicious egg riceーthese are just some of the dishes that travelers to Hiroshima and Okayama should try. The Kansai-Hiroshima Area Pass (less than 15,000 yen) allows you to travel conveniently and enjoy the local food at leisure.

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These momiji manju taste every bit as delicious as they look! 🍂🧡 Popular especially in autumn and its birthplace of Hiroshima Prefecture, this maple-leaf-shaped treat is traditionally filled with a sweet red bean paste. Nowadays you can also find varieties filled with custard, chocolate or matcha cream. Yum! 📷 Photo by @nishikido_official #VisitJapanAU #Cuisine