Modern victorian bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a modern Victorian oasis with these top design ideas. Create a timeless and elegant space that combines the best of both worlds.
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Explore the fusion of old-world charm and contemporary design as we delve into the elements of crafting the perfect modern Victorian bathroom. Discover luxurious ideas, practical tips, and breathtaking images to inspire your own elegant space.

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Explore our curated selection of five timeless Victorian tiled bathrooms that blend classic charm with modern comforts. Dive into the world of intricate tilework, traditional fixtures, and elegant design that are a testament to the enduring appeal of Victorian style.

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New construction (whether rented or owned) can be a breath of fresh air — appliances that work, windows and hinges that aren’t painted shut, and floors that have yet to see a pet accident or scratchy furniture feet. On the other hand, newer homes can also be bland, white boxes. If minimalism isn’t your thing and you’ve found yourself in a spot like this, maybe you’re already on a journey of dressing your space up and making it feel a little more special.

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Wall Tile – Gloss white subway tiles Main Floor – Checkerboard pattern Dark grey & Super white Border – Norwood 120 border with encaustics Infill – 100×100 Dark grey Made in Italy – Vitrified porcelain tiles – Unglazed Australian Certification P4 & P5 Slip Rating – Contact us for details Sealed in the factory before firing in the kiln – No further sealing required

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