Modern art tattoos

Express your artistic side with modern art tattoos that showcase your unique style. Discover top ideas for modern art tattoos that will make a statement and inspire your creativity.
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Michele Volpi is an amazing tattoo artist an expert about Monochromatic Tattoos. He is located in Bologna, Italy and he has more than 250k followers on his instagram account. Follow his great work on @_mfox Here is The Most Popular Monochromatic Tattoos of All time by Michele Volpi 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 […]

Samantha Joachim
Elegant Tattoos by Expanded Eye Combine Fragmented Figures and Geometric Details into Surreal Compositions | Colossal Modern Art Tattoos, Pop Art Tattoos, Elegant Tattoos, Pretty Tattoos, Mini Tattoos, Cool Tattoos, 90s Tattoos, Tatoos, Geometric Tattoo Sleeve Designs

Splashes of primary colors enhance the dotted lines and angular forms that compose Expanded Eye’s tattoos. Artists Jade Tomlinson and Kev James (previously) are behind the distinctly geometric designs that pair foliage and natural matter with architectural constructions and figures: single hands extend with delicate gestures, fragmented faces open to unveil inner dimensions, and stripes, chevrons, and other patterns fill structural elements. The ink-based works are poetic and surreal, with…

Marc Escañuelas
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Classical art is called so not without reason - the master artists behind the creations have made sure that their works will be and still are unforgettable. And though you might be accustomed to seeing them in museums or art galleries, no one ever said that you couldn't get your favorite classical paintings inked.

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