Mexican fruit cups

Get inspired by these delicious Mexican fruit cup recipes. Create a refreshing and colorful snack that will transport you to the streets of Mexico. Try these mouthwatering ideas today!
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“Vaso de Fruta Mexicana”A spicy, yet, vibrant Mexican (or SoCal) street food that takes the concept of a fruit salad to a whole new level. Imagine a large cup of sweet and juicy fruits on a summer day while basking in the sun! The chili-lime seasoning is that extra hint that makes it super special and gives such a unique flair to this south-of-the-border favorite.

Crystal Ramos
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Delicious and so easy to make, these fruit filled Mexican Fruit Cups topped with Tajin seasoning will be a hit at any event and are also perfect as an afternoon treat! As seen at street fairs and often sold at Mango Carts, we look for these every time we travel and are so excited to now be able to make them at home!!

Keri Lyn | She Saved