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Metal Gear Solid 3 - Guillaume Morellec

Metal Gear Solid 3 Created by Guillaume Morellec / Find this Artist on Behance - Twitter - Tumblr

Luis Rojas
Manga, Character Art, Samurai, Character Design, Mecha Anime, Ninja, Dbz, Fantasy Warrior, Armor Concept

The Snakes, the Ocelot, the Wolf, oh my... Done in watercolors and inks and finished in Photoshop. "A cornered Fox is more dangerous than a Jackal!" MGS prints are ready to go at last, after a long time coming. Solid, Liquid, Meryl, Greyfox, Ocelot, Raven, Mantis, Wolf, and of course Metal Gear Rex! Prints are A3 sized, and $30usd each. Just drop me a DM if keen, thanks!

tom Wick