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Happy birthday to all Aquarians!! This piece went through many variations before I landed on this pose. You can see my exploration fo poses on my Instagram account. In the background I've added the Aquarian constellation. one of the stars is shining where the water is coming out of the vase:) The birthstone, Amethyst, is featured on the mermaids necklace. I tried giving her earrings but it didn't look as good, I'm terrible at drawing jewelry:P Thank you for checking out my artwork. If…

Nikoletta Roumbou
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Wow it's already 2020! Happy New Years everyone. This was finished in 2019 but didn't get around to posting it here. This is based on a sketch I created for the 2019 mermay challenge and I colored it right before Christmas! I hope you enjoy it! Adding the moon and clouds was a lot of fun as most of my pieces are under water. Stay tuned for more of my mermay drawings this year! You can see more of my art and WIPs on Instagram at:

Ranul Glez