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Discover the latest trends in men's glasses and elevate your style. From classic frames to bold designs, find the perfect pair to enhance your look and showcase your personality.
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Prodesign Denmark

QUALITY EYEWEAR - FOR EVERYONE Regardless of fashion preferences, generations, and facial features — we’ve got you. At ProDesign we are proud to state that we create eyewear that is designed to fit all, and now we expand the range. With this launch we introduce five new concepts and a range of exciting additions to existing concepts. They all deliver on the Prodesign promises of elegant and subtle details — or exploring new ways of engineering eyewear of the highest quality. You’ll…

David Van Gansbeke
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How To Buy Men's Glasses | 9 Tips On How To Buy Prescription Glasses Online

75% of us need glasses! That's right, three out of four of us require vision correction to some degree. It makes sense. Especially when you factor in that many people are born with poor vision, the affects of age and loss of focus flexibility, and the rise of time spent staring at screens! 20/20 vision…

Herman Tiumentsev