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“ Let's... Go Turbo!—Max Steel, Battle cry Max Steel is the main protagonist and titular character of Max Steel. They consist of the fusion of the Takion-human hybrid Maxwell McGrath and the Ultralink named Steel. They form a symbiotic relationship in which Max's T.U.R.B.O. Energy is controlled and harnessed by Steel. Besides a wide array of devices made by the N-Tek genius Roberto "Berto" Martinez, Max and Steel have access to an arsenal batle armors named as Turbo Modes to face their foes…

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“ It's not easy to be proud of something that makes me so different.—Maxwell McGrath, in Makino Strikes Part One Maxwell McGrath, or simply Max or Maxwell, is one of the two main protagonists of Max Steel alongside with Steel. As a sixteen years old teenager, Max's body started to generate T.U.R.B.O. Energy, one of the most powerful energy sources of the galaxy. He is unable to control it by himself and fortunately meets Steel, a sentient alien technology named as an Ultralink, who keeps him…

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Turbo Cannon Spike Mode is Max and Steel's fourteenth Turbo Mode and the first fusion created via Duo Strike. It debuted in Dawn of Morphos. In a brutal fight against Morphos, Max and Steel are almost being defeated by him, until they combine Turbo Cannon Mode and Turbo Spike Mode. As result, Morphos is unable to copy their brand new Turbo Mode and the duo use their powers to take down the villain and save the day. Superhuman Strength: Inherited from Turbo Cannon Mode. Due to the weight of…

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