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Punisher Season 2 fan art Costume Concept -Slick back hair -Inside the ear protection/communication (to Microchip) -modern compression Combat shirt -Punisher skull plate carrier -3 magazine pouch chest rig -2 pistol mag 1 rifle mag belt -kydex holster with leg strap -hard knuckle punch gloves -form fitted reinforced knee modern combat pants -light weight low profile tactical boot/shoe -9mm pistol -MK18 style suppressed short barrel rifle 300 blk (super /sub sonic rounds)

יובל ששון

Two alternate concepts for how Sword could have rebuilt Vision in Wandavision. The original plan was to have the new Vision have harder-edged, more mechanical muscle forms to reflect both his new aggression and his more mechanical rebuilt nature. While ultimately the original "muscle suit" from The Avengers was retained, the harder-edged facial makeup was incorporated into the new costume. I also tried a few different variations on more obviously man-made detailing at the chest-plate and…

Joel Rickdal