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Unleash your inner warrior with the martial arts girl aesthetic. Discover top ideas to incorporate this powerful style into your wardrobe and unleash your confidence.
Rayna Vallandingham Martial Arts Motivation! | Yoga, Capoeira, Karate, Fitness, Taekwondo, Judo, Martial Arts Girl, Female, Martial

Rayna Vallandingham is a SAG-AFTRA Actress and a Martial Artist, a 13 time World Champion in Taekwondo. Rayna’s (instagram: raynavallandingham) passions are martial arts and acting and future Olympic hopes for 2020/2024. She has incredible speed and flexibility as you can see in some of her cool clips below! View this post on Instagram …

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❝ Be careful with what you say Consigliere, this 'princess' has a dagger in her boot and knows how to use it. ❞ ──────────────────────── Athena Ferrari has basically been raising herself since she was nine. Stuck in the system and staying at an orphanage, she avoided getting adopted like the plague, counting down the days until she turned 18 just so she could reunite with her best friends. Well, that was until she was unexpectedly taken into custody by her Father and four older brothers…