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Explore a collection of captivating Mario pictures that will bring back nostalgic memories and delight fans of all ages. Discover the magic of the Mushroom Kingdom and relive your favorite Mario adventures.
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Mushrooms are items in many Mario games. They can make Mario bigger in size, smaller in size, and more. They're a variety of Mushrooms- Super Mushroom, Mega Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, Golden Mushroom, Bee Mushroom, Boo Mushroom, Spring Mushroom, 1up Mushroom, Propeller Mushroom, Life Mushroom, Rock Mushroom, etc. The Mushroom, in Mario Kart games, gives you a boost when used. Triple Mushrooms which give you thre boosts. Mushrooms in other games make you bigger. Super Mushrooms…

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