Marbling fabric

Learn how to marble fabric and create stunning patterns with this step-by-step guide. Enhance your projects with marbled fabric and make them truly one-of-a-kind.
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Today is Marbling Fabric Day... I am using the Jacquard Marbling Kit There is lots of prep work to marble fabric: You need to wash and dry your fabric. You need to cut your fabric to fit the pan. You need to pre-soak your fabric in alum... You need to hang dry your alum soaked fabric. I did all of this prep-work last week. I mixed up the carrageenan water and allowed it to rest in the frig for a few days: Here is my set up in the laundry room @ the Palace: Alum soaked fabric on right Paints…

Helena Victoria Montana Fort
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I did some marbling a few weeks ago, that post is here. I thought a lot of them could use a second layer. Also, I had problems with the paint adhering in the first session, so I wanted another layer in order to cover some of the sad parts. The weather is much better this time, so I am working outside. Here is my set up. I have my carageenan mixture in the pan, and my diluted paints in little cups. I used a different pipette for each color. Here I am putting paint drops in the carageenan…

Gitti Elsensohn
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How about some fun experiments with fabrics and colors? :) I may be writing mostly about hand embroidery but I'm actually an experimentalist by nature and I LOVE trying new stuff. Last month, you could see a glimpse of me letting myself go a little wild with my first embroidered art journal where I stitched my heart away in all forms that I don't normally do... Truly, a wonderful creative outlet! Speaking of that journal, one of the pages was colored in the same method that I'm going to show…