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Discover the beauty and symbolism of male angels in art and mythology. Explore stunning depictions and learn about their significance in various cultures.
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Ben Fulford Weekly Geopolitical New & Analysis: Pope vanishes, Mecca shuts down, March 16, 2020 The events that are now unfolding have gone beyond black swan and become biblical in their proportions. In the Islamic world, Mecca has shut down for the first time in history. Among the Christians, the pope has vanished and Queen Elizabeth has gone into hiding (see the very revealing letter to the editor following this report…

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Archangel Uriel watches over and guides us through divinatory practices and assists with the earthly realm including health and finances. Archangel Uriel is commonly known as the “abundance” angel adorned in green robes and holding a golden pentacle, representing the Earth/Northern element. #nfts #nft #nftart #nftcommunity #nftcollector #nftartist #digitalart #crypto #cryptoart #art #ethereum #opensea #nftcollectors #blockchain #nftdrop #nftcollectibles #cryptocurrency #angel #nftcollection

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