Making gravy with flour

Learn how to make rich and flavorful gravy using flour. Try these easy and delicious recipes to elevate your meals and impress your guests.
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Easy White Country Gravy is made with 5 ingredients! I bet you have them all in your kitchen! It is a delicious gravy that is smooth, creamy, full of rich flavor and ridiculously easy to make in minutes! Recipe makes about total 2 cups gravy. 1/4 cup serving size (8 servings total).

Grace Bommarito
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Consider making delicious homemade gravy with your meal. You can make your own gravy with three simple ingredients--fat drippings, flour and water. Although gravy is not a healthy stock to add to your meal, it does add a rich flavor. It is important to watch the gravy constantly and to stir it continuously to ensure that it does not scorch or...

Debbie Sibley