Magnolia tree landscaping

Enhance your outdoor space with stunning magnolia tree landscaping. Discover top ideas to create a vibrant and inviting environment for your garden or yard.
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The Little Gem Magnolia is a dwarf version of the Southern Magnolia. This compact tree boasts fabulous fragrant flowers from spring through summer. Growing to about 25 feet tall and 10 to 15 feet wide this evergreen magnolia tree is a perfect option for those who love the traditional southern magnolia but don’t have the space. The Little Gem Magnolia is even pest, disease, and deer resistant as well as salt and pollution tolerant. Combining an evergreen tree, a flowering tree, and a shade…

Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds Tassels
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The magnolia trees you see at Sugar Water Manor are simply magnificent. These large shady trees have broad, waxy, shade-producing leaves and in early summer produce the most fragrant platter-size blossoms. They evoke the beauty of the South, especially around historic homes and gardens like those on our property. These trees are easy to care for, disease-resistant, non-poisonous to dogs and other animals and they are super versatile, growing well in nearly all climates and soil. Driving on…

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