Magic realism

Dive into the captivating genre of magic realism and discover its mesmerizing blend of reality and fantasy. Experience the wonder and intrigue of magical elements seamlessly woven into everyday life.
Aesthetic Art, Aesthetic Pictures, Arte Peculiar, Arte 8 Bits, Arte Sketchbook, Surreal Art, Oeuvre D'art, Art Wallpaper, Painting & Drawing

Quint Buchholz was born in Stolberg near Aachen and grew up in Stuttgart. He studied history of art for four terms, followed by painting and graphic design at the Munich Academy of Art under Prof. Gerd Winner. He has worked as a painter and illustrator since 1979, illustrating over fourty books for German and international publishers. From 1982 onwards his works have also been exhibited in over seventy solo exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Taiwan.

Alana De Almeida Godoi