Luigis mansion

Embark on a ghostly adventure in Luigi's Mansion and explore the haunted mansion filled with puzzles and secrets. Join Luigi as he braves the supernatural and saves his brother Mario in this thrilling game.
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Get the scoop on different game modes in the Super Mario Party game for the Nintendo Switch system. We put together a list of helpful tips and tricks to help give you an edge over the competition.

G Black/Dark/xeno
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I'm not afraid of you, fool! I fear only that infernal Poltergust 3000 you carry on your back! Stupid machine! But I... am a KING among boos! I swear it... I shall fear no mere house cleaning device!!!King Boo King Boo is the supreme leader of all the Boos, and the main antagonist of the Luigi's Mansion (series). Easily one of the darkest and most malignant characters in the franchise, at least compared to the original series version, King Boo is almost as much of a threat as Bowser. King…

Lord K