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Indulge in the flavors of Louisiana with these mouthwatering seafood recipes. From Cajun-style boils to savory gumbo, discover the best ways to enjoy the rich and vibrant cuisine of Louisiana.
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Looking for a delicious Cajun Seafood Boil Recipe? Grab a variety of seafood, some sausage, potatoes, and sweet corn. Mix up a deliciously spicy and garlicky seasoned broth and buttery dipping sauce to take it to the next level!

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Wow! This classic Seafood Au Gratin recipe infuses shrimp, crabmeat, and lobster! The seafood trio is cooked in a rich, creamy cheese sauce. It’s a great dish to serve as an appetizer or the main meal with pasta. • 1 container crabmeat (8 – 10oz) • 2 small lobster tails, meat removed and chopped • 12-16oz medium Shrimp, de-shelled, de-veined, and tails removed • 1 pint Heavy Cream • 2 TBSN Butter, softened • 1 medium yellow onion, finely chopped • 1/4 cup green and red bell pepper, finely…

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This Crawfish Etouffee is loaded with succulent crawfish tail meat spiced with Cajun seasonings, and simmered in a rich, buttery roux. Like gumbo and jambalaya, this Southern seafood delight originated in Louisiana, a region known for its flavorful cuisine.

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When I was about 9, there was this local seafood restaurant my family and I would frequent. Don’t worry. You know I’m not a typical blogger so this lil story will be brief. Anyway, the restaurant was called Louisiana Gold. There has never been a more appropriately named establishment. This place was indeed golden! The...Continue Reading

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