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Discover fascinating facts and stunning photos of the adorable loris animal. Learn about their unique characteristics and habitats, and get inspired to protect these amazing creatures.
Baby loris - just a pix is enough to make me squeal. Nature Animals, Animals And Pets, Animals Wild, Funny Animals, Animals Kissing, Small Animals, Cute Creatures, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful

One of the many awesome things Uber has done over the last few years is bring the working folks in the cities it services adorable puppies and kittens to play with and possibly even adopt. However, now that we've gotten a taste of the cuteness, we want more. That's right, Uber. This is a call for you to bring more small, fuzzy baby animals to our offices so we can feel like we're at the best petting zoo ever. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling. Considering Easter's around the…

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a Sumatran tiger named Dara being trapped by tiger poachers. Indonesian conservasionists have found 120 traps set up by poachers to snare critically endangered Sumatran tiger in Kerinci Seblat National Park, an official said on November 21. How To Make Traps, Tiger Habitat, Sumatran Tiger, Wildlife Pictures, Snowy Trees, Endangered Animals, Wildlife Conservation, Wwf, Animales

It’s not just tigers, elephants and rhinos that are threatened by poaching. As Nepal hosts a Zero Poaching in Asia symposium this week, the WWF highlight 10 lesser-known Asian species being slaughtered to satisfy a growing demand for illegal wildlife products

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