Long lounge layout ideas

Transform your long lounge into a stylish and functional space with these creative layout ideas. Maximize your room's potential and create a comfortable environment for relaxation and entertainment.
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When I start working with a new client I usually walk into a space and see the potential of what it could be. Not in a judgmental way! I’m not picking apart what is wrong with the cosmetics of a house or room so much as I immediately begin to visualize how this space can be best utilized f

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Having trouble arranging your furniture? These L-shaped living room layout ideas will help you create the best floor plan for your space.

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Create a functional and practical space with pre-prepared L-shaped living room layout samples. Learn how to divide your room and many more.

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Living Room Layout Ideas For Open Floor Plans & Larger Homes Making a furniture layout work just right for your home is an art form. The way we place furniture to be functional yet livable is key. The way negative space interacts with your furniture is just as important as the furniture itself. With the trend of large open floor plans in new homes it can be a bit tricky to figure out the perfect furniture layout to maximize the space while still feeling intimate and cozy. Too much space and…

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